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Linda G. moved her household goods locally (from one house to another) in Kent, WA.  She wrote:

"Andrew and his crew did a great job and even finished more quickly than the estimate."

Jennifer & Paul F. did two moves in to Star Moving's state of the art storage facility in Redmond, WA (one from Bellevue, WA and one from Tacoma, WA).  They wrote:


Sharon G. did a local move to Lynnwood, WA on 5/6/2010.  She wrote:

"Crew was great (Vince & Jose), especially appreciated the way they arranged my furniture in storage so I could access it."

Tom & Sue F. moved from Bellevue, WA to Hay Market, VA (but, until their home is ready in Virginia, they entrusted Star Moving Systems to store their household goods for 6-7 months).  It took five days to pack and load their items.  Tom & Sue were very happy.  They filled out five different comment cards (for 5 days worth of work) (4/28, 4/29, 4/30, 5/3 & 5/4/2010.  They wrote:

Day 1 (pack):  "A perfect quartet representing your company - you must be proud!  We have now 18 moves in our 41 years of marriage - never had a more wonderful group pack & load us!"

Day 2 (pack):  "Courteous, Respectful & Empathetic to us!  To have such competent people is nice - To have had compassionate people is highly treasured."

Day 3 (pack and load):  "We can only hope the people we meet in Virginia are as competent and caring!  We have had a wonderful move so far. Wish Jeremy & Gina et al could be with us in VA."

Day 4 (load):  "The crew was amazing!  No one slacked even though the weather was terrible - windy & cold.  Three cheers for 'good spirit' & 'professionalism' once again!! 

Day 5 (load):  "One last hour, Jeremy arrived & left taking the last few pieces of furniture & washer/dryer with the same care as shown on day one.  He represents you well!  Take good care of this young man!"

Carla & Chad M. relocated from Kirkland, WA to Denver, CO on 5/6/2010.  They wrote:

"Both Christy & Alfred were exceptional! Thank you very much."

Charles H. moved from Redmond, WA to Tucson, AZ on 4/27/10.  He wrote:

"a pleasure to work with"

Gayle S. relocated from the Seattle Metro area to the Pheonix, AZ Metro area on 4/26/10.  She wrote:

"Fine Job A+++++++++++"

Judy D. had Star Moving Systems move some items within her home in Tacoma, WA on 4/27/10 and 4/30/10.  She gave us perfect 10's on the comment card and wrote:

"Great Company!"

Bobby B. moved from Seattle's Eastside to Casper, WY on 4/12/2010.  He filled out two comment cards (he gave us perfect '10's' on both cards).  He wrote:

"Great job!" & "Super!"

Siddartha N. did a small local move from Fife, WA to Seattle, WA (Ballard) on 4/30/2010. (His was a referal from The Christine Estes Group (from Windermere Kirkland) - thank you Chris and team - you guys are the BEST!)  Siddartha wrote:

"Very Helpful and accommodating."

Allen G. moved from the Seattle Metro area to Chicago, IL on 4/19/2010.  He wrote:

"The crew was prompt, efficient, well organized and careful.  Christy - the crew leader - was extremely professional, personable and organized."

Steven M. moved out-of-state from Lakewood, WA on 4/23/10.  He wrote:

"All was great.  Thanks for taking care with our belongings."

Nancy & Bert B. relocated out of state from Bellevue, WA on 4/13/10.  They wrote:

"Did a great job!  They were careful and quick."

Jason M. relocated to the Washington D.C. area from the Tacoma, WA metro area on 4/21/10.  He was really happy with the service Star Moving Systems / United Van Lines gave him on his packing and moving.  He wrote:

"Was the best packing & service we have received out of all of our moves!"

Kelli S. (a REPEAT customer!!!) moved from Carnation, WA to Bellevue, WA on 4/19/10.  Hers was a very large move.  She wrote:

"Great Crew! Efficient & Professional.  Great Job!!!"

Anna K. was a customer in Lakewood, WA.  She moved on 4/16/10.  She wrote:

"Joy to have the movers; So good!"

Randel C. was a customer in Puyallup, WA.  He moved on 4/19/10.  He wrote:


Diane G. moved to Whidbey Island, WA from Seattle's Eastside on 4/13/10.  She wrote:

"Would recommend Star Moving Systems antime.  Everyone I came in contact with was great - especially the movers!!!"

Allen G. moved from the Seattle Metro area to Chicago, IL on 4/16/10.  He gave us "perfect 10's" on the comment card.  He wrote:

"Christy did a fantastic job and took great care with our belongings."

Julie & Greg P. moved from Redmond, WA to Bellevue, WA on 4/10/10.  They wrote:

"Crew was excellent.  Way better than past company we used.  Took time to explain process & get directions to our new place.  Very pleasant.  Fun to work with!"

Melvin S. is a military customer.  His goods are being stored at Star Moving's Tacoma warehouse.  We brought his items in on 4/9/10.  He wrote: 

"Great crew, always on time and professional"

Amanda F. moved interstate (long distance) to Danville, CA from the Seattle Metro area.  She gave us perfect 10's too! (moved April 9th, 2010)  She wrote:

"Gina, Erik & Christy were kind, courteous, friendly & and did a wonderful job!  Thank you."

Damon W. just did a delivery out of storage on April 9th, 2010.  He gave us perfect 10's on the comment card.  He wrote:

"Very Professional and Courteous!"

Ann D. relocated from the Seattle Metro area to Minneapolis, MN at the end of March, 2010.  She wrote:

"Mark was awesome - so understanding that I was caring for my toddler while they were moving."

Kent & Sara G. moved locally near Kirkland, WA on April 6th, 2010.  They wrote:

"Smoothest move EVER! So efficient, accommodating + careful - Thanks again to all."

Jon & Angie S. moved to Snohomish, WA at the end of March, 2010.  They wrote:

"Great job guys!! No Damage and came in under estimate!!"

Margaret M. moved from Western Washington to Pomeroy, WA on April 6th, 2010.  She wrote:

"We were delighted to see Todd again + his helper Ian was extremely nice + helpful.  :) "

We did an office move for SC Schill from Mercer Island to Mercer Island, WA in early April, 2010.  The wrote:

"the men were very nice + polite + very cooperative.  We have made several moves + your people were by far the most efficient."

Richard & Sue K. moved from Bellevue, WA to Bellingham, WA in March of 2010.  They loved Star Moving System's crew.  They wrote:

"Great Job - best we've ever had" (and they gave us perfect 10's!):

Appearance of Crew = 10

Attitude of crew = 10

Handling your belongings with care = 10

On time arrival = 10

Service crew overall = 10

...just another raving fan (Thanks Dick and Sue for your business!)

Leavitt Machinery did a large office move from Tukwila, WA to a new location close by (Feb 2010).  (Star Moving Systems loves office moving).  They gave us perfect 10's on the comment card.  We are huge (raving fans) of Leavitt Machinery!  They wrote:

"moving crew seemed organized as expected"


Barbara L. moved locally on Mercer Island (from one residence to another- Mercer Island to Mercer Island) in March 2010.  She gave us perfect 10's too!  She wrote:

"I never saw anyone work as hard as these three men!"

Sharonnia L. is a miltary customer who came in to permanent storage at our Tacoma, WA facility.  Her household goods are secure while she deploys.  She gave us (on a scale of 1 - 10) 20's!.  She was happy.  She wrote:

"The crew was EXCELLENT!  Very Professional and was there to assist with everything!  When I come back, I want the same crew! (thank you! to Star's crew of Franklin, Robert, Tino and Ian--great work!)

Bonnie P. did a local move from Seattle to Bothell, WA (March, 2010).  She wrote (on four different returned survey cards--hers was a four day move):

"Exceptional care in prepping house, items very well packed."

"pleased with the progress this day.  Boxes very well marked (both days) and unpacking has gone well as a result."

"amazed at how much they got done.  Very polite & helpful.  Was also polite to neighbors."

"Whole move was very smooth.  Trusted crew and was not disappointed.  Not a single wall mark, scratch or dent.  Our best move yet!"

Tom & Elizabeth T. relocated within the Eastside of Seattle (Woodinville to Kirkland) (Feb 2010) and selected Star Moving Systems as their mover.  They wrote (on the returned comment card):

"They were FIRST CLASS, very helpful with lots of practical suggestions.  We would definitely recommend them."

Adam C. * Sonia W. did a local move from Oak Harbor, WA to Poulsbo, WA - January, 2010 - wrote:

"The crew supervisor, Jeremy, was awesome. He did a great job!"

John & Cindi G. moved locally from Sammamish, WA to Bothell, WA - March, 2010 - wrote:

"...So impressed with Jeremy & his crew - very Professional & Polite.  They were great.  Thanks so much."

Paul J. moved from Renton, Wa to Dupont, WA - March, 2010 - wrote:

"Vince & Todd were both very professional and took proper care when emptying the truck."

Andreas J. moved from Seattle to Gainesville, IL - March, 2010 - wrote:

"Very accomodating and understanding of customer needs; Very courteous!

Ed & Lynn M. relocated from Tacoma, WA to Tigard, OR, March, 2010 - wrote:

"Todd was awesome!; Crew was terrific!"





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